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Anishaa, is the Ace of Wands in the Moonlight Carnival.



Physical description 

Anishaa has Silver hair that matches her the sequins sewn across her corset. When performing her hair is braided in thick strands about the crown of her head. Her skin is painted bluish white everywhere it was exposed—arms, hands, face and across the sweep of her collarbone. She can be chilling, in a way, seeing how she appear as a creature born of frost who played so menacingly with fire. Her top hat and corset are a white so pure they almost seemed ice blue.

You can see pale blue threads shot through with silver trimming the entire ensemble. Even her eyes that are exposed by larger holes in her mask have been edged in blue and gold and her lashes are pure white. She looks like a frozen star.


Escaping From Houdini 

She also has strong feelings for Mephistopheles.


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