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Yes, well, there was only one spot available in the nursery and I thought Mr. Cresswell should take it.

Mephistopheles, Escaping From Houdini

Mephistopheles is a magician and ringleader in the Moonlight Carnival on the RMS Etruria.


Mephistopheles is very charming, cocksure and highly proficient with sleight of hand. Equipped with a silver tongue, Mephistopheles almost always manages to either charm, vex or inspire those around him which only increases his allure and mystery. He has expressed vulnerability regarding his family and a sense of isolation and inundation with the immensity of show business.

Mephistopheles also developed a rapport with and a romantic affection for Audrey Rose.

Physical description 

Mephistopheles is described as an attractive young man, with richly brown eyes and a thick shock of dark hair. His darkly handsome looks enhance his enigmatic allure. Audrey Rose describes his skin as bronze which would likely have been inherited from his mother who was from Constantinople. He is well built and always wears a mask to hide his true identity.

Upon finally removing his mask for Audrey Rose, the latter notices that his lashes are thick and dark, his brows generous and bold, and that he sports a single dimple in his cheek.


Early Life 

It is thought that he is from a rich family due to his mannerism as well as his expensive clothes for a ringmaster. This is also thought why he always wears a mask to hide his true identity.

His father withered but is still alive. Which means his brother mostly runs the estate becuse of this.

His mother was Constantinople. Which lead his family to worry that society would speak poorly because of this. His grandfather told him to dream.

Escaping From Houdini

Mephistopheles, in extange for information about Liza’s Love interest, makes Audrey Rose perform in the final show. This requires Audrey Rose to practice with Mephistopheles every night with the rest of the performers. Mephistopheles also makes Audrey pretended to have a relationship with him in front of the other performers. He also tells her that if she tells anyone about their deal he will tell Liza that Audrey Rose tried to break Harry and her up.


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