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Are we terrified to let the girl out of the protective bubble again? Heaven forbid she catch pox and perish. Oh, wait,” Nathaniel cocked his head. “That’s happened before, hasn’t it?” He dramatically grabbed my wrist, checking for a pulse, then staggered back. “By God, Father. She’s quite alive!”

Nathaniel Wadsworth, Stalking Jack the Ripper

Nathaniel Wadsworth is sister to Audrey Rose and only son to Edmund and Malina Wadsworth.


Nathaniel was rather charming as well as sarcastic. He was obsessed with his hair and constantly combing it. He was also a very caring person, he likes to take care of his younger sister and wants to make sure she reaches her full potential.

Physical description

Nathaniel is described has being quite handsome. As well as having his father's blonde hair and green eyes. He has the main Wadsworth gene not having much of his mothers Indian Heritage at all.


Early Life 

Nathaniel was very close with his sister, Audrey Rose. This was due to the fact that after their mother's death, their father became very closed off.

Nathaniel feels that his mother’s death was his fault. This is due to the fact that Nathaniel brought the illness that killed her in to the family home. This illness also left his sister close to death as well, but she later recovered.

Stalking Jack the Ripper 

At the end of "Stalking Jack the Ripper" it is revealed that Nathaniel was the Ripper. Nathaniel killed multiple women and would harvest body parts and organs in an attempt to keep his dead mother's body preserved.

He confessed to Audrey Rose that he did all this to make her happy. Because she has been sad since their mothers passing. When Audrey Rose showed her disgust towards his madness he realized she could never understand he even threatens Audrey Rose and Thomas causing Audrey and Nathaniel's father to step in and tell him 'not to intimidate his sister'. Later attempting to revive their mother, in his hast he electrocuted himself causing his death. Thomas Cresswell had to desperately hold Audrey Rose back to stop her from trying to save her brother. Audrey Rose would have suffered the same fate as her brother.


Family Tree

Unnamed Wadsworth Man
Unnamed Wadsworth Women
Unnamed Man
Jonathan Wadsworth
Edmund Wadsworth
Malina Wadsworth
Nathaniel Wadsworth
Audrey Rose Wadsworth


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