The following is a list of policies that are meant to ensure everyone accessing and participating in the Folk of the Air Wiki can has a safe and enjoyable session. By implementing these policies, all users are to be held accountable to a set of standards created by the admins

Current Admins:


These policies should be fair and are implemented to help keep this wiki a safe and enjoyable place for every user.

Behaviour Policies

# Negative energy or bullying is not tolerated under ANY circumstance. Please notify an admin if you have any issues with this.

Commenting Policies

# Do not beat down other people's opinions.
# Try to avoid swearing as this is a kid friendly wiki.

Editing Policies

# All wiki pages are to be factual and contain only information directly from the books or Holly Black's official social media sites. Please do not edit pages to include theories or your own opinions unless the section is available.

Page Policies

# If you are to make a page, kindly keep it factual and not opinionated
# Do not not make a page about one of your theories (as mentioned on Editing Policies).
# Please do not make pages for fan fiction. (You can add these extras to your blog or on your user page.)
# Please note: All non-factual pages will be removed.

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